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Kristina Bowden

Kristina Bowden is the President and owner of West Coast Resource Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in occupational safety and health for terminal and stevedore operators. The organization's founding principles are based on the belief that safety is a value that can be integrated into all operations priorities while understanding where risk resides in the workplace. Kristina supports clients in their safety responsibilities by developing or refining existing programs, policies, and curriculum. Kristina is an instructor at Cal State University Long Beach, teaching for the Marine Terminal Operations Professional Program. Additionally, she holds various safety certifications. In the ten years that proceeded the launching of West Coast Resource Services, Inc., Kristina was the Assistant Director of Health, Safety, and Environment at Ports America, the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the United States. At that time, her primary role was developing, implementing, and managing safety programs unique to the stevedoring environment. Her foundational base of industry knowledge began in vessel operations. Kristina is a passionate safety professional and has made several significant contributions to the stevedoring industry regarding safety improvements. She is best known for her groundbreaking work on the Southern California Joint Accident Prevention Committee Lashing Sub-Committee. She is the author of "Casey the Container: And her first day in port,' a rhyming picture book that introduces the topic of cargo handling to young readers in the most fascinating and smile-creating way. "Casey the Container"is currently available on Amazon. Kristina is a graduate of the California Maritime Academy and served as Corps Commander in 2003. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, an Academic Minor in Maritime Law, and a USCG Unlimited Third Mate License. Kristina loves camping and exploring the Sierra Mountains with her husband and son.


Cindy Tait

Cindy's colleagues often say, "Cindy knows a thing or two because she's seen a thing or two!" Her career started as an EMT on a Colorado dude ranch. With a desire for more training, she became a Paramedic and Flight Nurse. Cindy Tait is the founder and CEO of Center for Healthcare Education, Inc., a national emergency resuscitation and trauma response Training Center established in 1991. Her leadership skills and passion for life-saving training have reached all 50 U.S. states and twenty-two countries. Her team of 900 instructors offer training and consulting in all environments, from shipyard docks to multimillion-dollar simulation labs. To date, the company has certified more than 450,00 people. Cindy is a Train the Trainer for both the American Heart Association and National Safety Council. She is a board-certified CIT (certified instructional trainer) specializing in: · Bleeding Control · Active Shooter · CPR/AED and First Aid · Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens · DOT Emergency Medical and Trauma Response team training · Advanced Pediatric and Adult Resuscitation · Reasonable Suspicion Awareness™ Cindy is a Masters' level Public Health Registered Nurse licensed in multiple states and has recently consulted with many agencies to develop Covid19 safety practices in the workplace. She added to her knowledge and skills set a teaching credential, B.S. in Kinesiology, Registered Nursing certifications in Public Health, Critical Care, and Emergency Medicine. Cindy's postgraduate work includes business communication training at Harvard and Yale. She is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and recipient of the prestigious Sam Walton scholarship for women entrepreneurs. Cindy has responded to thousands of patients for alcohol, illicit drug, opioid, and substance-related medical emergencies and injuries. She has long recognized the need for better recognition and prevention programs for her corporate clients. Her nationally acclaimed "Weed and Speed" program equips managers of public and private transportation companies with tools necessary to prevent and respond to safety hazards involving chemically altered body systems. Cindy has authored more than 100 publications and speaks nationally. She is currently writing a book titled "All Bleeding Stops Eventually!" about her challenges and adventures as the first woman paramedic in Riverside Fire Department. Cindy has a never-ceasing desire for action; she is a licensed pilot and is the "pilot in command" for her company's aircraft. She holds a certificate in advanced avionics and is working on her commercial license. Her hobbies include gourmet cooking and traveling in her R.V.

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    Upon purchasing your session, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your session through Calendly. All coaching sessions are hosted through Google Meet.

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    Absolutely! If you want more than one coaching session, simply purchase this course again.

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